15 hours

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15 hours


15 hours of ShapeUp of your choice to your website

Normal price $1.696,50 ex. VAT
Subtotal: $1.442 ex. VAT
You save $254,50

– You always save 15% off when buying five or more hours at a time.

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Stay awesome with ShapeUp Hours!

ShapeUp Hours saves you time and ensures that your investment upholds high quality and relevancy. When you buy 5, 10 or 15 hours at a time, you always save 15% off my normal hourly rate.

It works like this: Send the material with a few instructions by mail and I shape it to fit into the guideline and design. I keep track of time and you receive an update, so you know how much time is spent and how much is left.

Unused time expires 6 month from purchased date.
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Use your hours to:

  • Modernise your existing Squarespace website
  • Design of new graphic content: 
    – illustrations
    – photoshop treatments
    – background/banner
  • Setup new texts and layouting it
  • Design og monthly blogposts
  • Design of new pages
  • Commerce (shop) updates and add-ons
  • Support/consultation over mail.