Terms of Service

Updated April 4th 2018


By purchasing, you agree to my terms of service:

Christelvoss.com will not test old, abandoned, or rarely used browsers and devices such as all versions of Opera, previous versions of Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Always clear your cache. Here's how you do it.

Regarding the code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) I write for your project, we both own it and can each use it for any project we choose. Note that, codes written by my Dev.Team are project specifik and cannot be re-used without permission.

New projects will begin when 50% of the total amount is transferred to my bank account.

I will not reuse or repurpose any proprietary text or image content from your website on any other website I create.

I can not guarantee that any solution recommendation will always be error-free and therefore I can not be liable to you or any third party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate any solution I recommend even if you have advised me of the possibilities of such damages. I will work in good faith to resolve in a timely manner any errors that are brought to my attention.

You agree to provide me with everything I will need to complete the project when I need it and in the format I ask for.

I will maintain the confidentiality of any information you request.


Privacy Policy:

I need the following information when you shop with me: Name, address, phone number and email address. And if you have, Company VAT number.

Christelvoss.com register and disclose your personal information in order to deliver the service to you. The personal data are registered with Christelvoss.com and are kept for five years after which the information is deleted. The data manager at Christelvoss.com is Creative Director, Christel Voss.

As registered with Christelvoss.com, you are always entitled to send us your objections to registration. You also have the right to understand what information is registered about you. These rights are in accordance with the Personal Data Act. For further information please contact: hej@christelvoss.com



Christelvoss.com uses cookies to improve and customize the website for visitors. Cookies also help to store certain information that adapts ads and offers to give you a more relevant experience as a visitor. Sessionscookies are used to track statistics about the use of the website. By using this website and / or accepting our privacy policy, you authorize the use of cookies. Note that if you choose not to accept cookies, some features on this website may be limited. If you do not agree that cookies are used, you can turn it off in the security settings in your browser. Note that you can always manually delete cookies from your hard drive.

ShapeUp hours


ShapeUp hours expire after six months from the date of purchase. I keep track of every minute spent. Rest asure that you will get more than the 5, 10 or 15 hours. For I vouche for my work and only deliver my very best. It is up to you to use the ShapeUp hours. There is no refund for unused time.

Squarespace Support

Cancellation policy:

Skype Session
– Online sessions predicts that you already invested in my ShapeUp hours. 

Please cancel in due time – and at least 24 hours before our scheduled session either via mail or text-message. Should this not take place, i reserve the right to take the full hour from your existing ShapeUp hours. Write your message via email to hej@christelvoss.com.
You can also give me a call on +45 6130 0216 or send an SMS.


Face-to-face Support meetings
– Take place in Copenhagen at Cafe Bevar's, Ravnsborggade 10B

Please cancel in due time – and at least 24 hours before our scheduled session either via mail or text-message. Should this not take place, i reserve the right to take the full hour from your existing ShapeUp hours. Write your message via email to hej@christelvoss.com.
You can also give me a call on +45 6130 0216 or send an SMS.

Extra services

A website becomes alive by various building blocks.

There are certain aspects that needs to be solved as a team or by a third party. To make it as transparent as possible, i have listed up services that is considered as extras and not automatically included in my website packages. Write if you wish to include an extra service to your project.

  • Google ranking
    Setting up Google account, Google Analytics and Search Console

  • Setting up your companys professional email
    1. G suite (cost money)
    2. Gmail (free - requires a gmail account)
    – it's a copy of your gmail - an alias: ex. name@domain.com
    – I can set it up with an autosignatur, links and logo

  • Video material
    A Youtube/Vimeo konto account for your videos. Add a good description.

  • Searchwords and related keywords
    These a part of your websites texts. And this is where i recommend hiring a talented writer, to write for your company. SEO/SEM needs to be incorporated. Squarespace is SEO-ready but it is your job to provide me with your content. I will then make sure, that every page, index and gallery has excerpts from your texts.

  • Stockphotos and time spent searching
    If you cannot provide enough material – remember that great images makes the best impression – there is various stockphotos to choose from. But it takes time finding the right ones. Hourly rate is 790 DKR. ex. VAT. I recommend hiring a photographer.

  • Logos
    I do not do artwork finishes on your existing logo. If you need a logo, i'll gladly design it. But it is not within project scope or price. 
    It is entirely up to you to get the right format home. Vector based files and in different versions; color, grey and black/white.

  • Third parties
    Squarespace can be integrated with many services. These often cost a monthly fee. Purchase of these are not included in the websolutions i offer.
  • Email marketing
    I'd gladly set up your Mailchimp layout so it's consistent with your brand. Let me know forehand.
    Making lists, writing, sending newsletters are not a part of my services.
  • Multi-lingual site
    Is double up on hours – 2 identical websites to design. And it takes time. Contact me if it is relevant. And hire a professional writer to deliver all texts.
  • Webdesigner versus Webdeveloper
    API, login to a memberbase/profile/intranet, subscriptions, server architeture... These are jobs for a webdeveloper. I'm a webdesigner, graphic designer and handle the frontend of your website.


Got questions? Contact me at hej@christelvoss.com