I got a feature in the Squarespace Circle Member newsletter ;-)

When Tony Syros from Squarespace (HQ) reached out to me, I must admit I thought it was a prank. Well, it wasn’t! In my creative designprocess, I often design a lot of graphic content that never sees the day of light – or simply because Client and me, chose another direction. This was the case with a banner image for Silverdrum.com


Thanks to Tony for featuring my work amongst other Circle Members ;-)

Christel Voss

Squarespace webdesigner + Art Director, Nørrebrogade 64, 2200 København N, Denmark

I’m Christel Voss, specialised in building websites on Squarespace.

My passion is creating tailored visual identities that empower and grow your brand online. Whether you’re big or small, a large company or an artist – if you aim for quality & beautiful (Nordic) craftsmanship, I’d love to hear from you.